Mid-year networking event with guests Rob Cole and the Honourable Justice Jenni Hill

In August we were very privileged to have two wonderful guests at our networking event, The Honourable Justice Jenni Hill and Rob Cole.

Clients, guests and Entry to the C-Suite® participants and sponsors enjoyed the opportunity to meet over drinks and to hear our guests talk more about their own career experiences and some of the important things that have shaped their careers so far.

Justice Hill shared the importance of three key groups of relationships and their impacts on her career:

  1. Sponsors – those that help get you there
  2. Mentors – those that support you and help you learn
  3. Allies – those that can influence the journey

Rob talked of important learnings in his career. In particular, “if you’re uncomfortable in a role, that means you’re still learning, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it.” He also spoke about the importance to seek out and take up opportunities when they arise and back yourself; aspire and take the challenge.

Learn more about Justice Hill and Rob below: