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Thinking about a career move?

What do you want? What do you need?

We’ve all heard about the great resignation – the great attrition.
In a seller’s market it’s the candidate that’s in the driving seat.

Forty per cent of employees globally say that they might leave their jobs in the near future[1], with Australia surpassing this trend at a staggering 41%. Whilst the vast majority will make successful moves, many will not. Sometimes, moves just don’t go to plan. Some of the reasons why, include:

  • The great leap and heap: the tightness of the market has meant that you got a role that in a normal market, you would not have got and both you and your new employer are now working that out
  • Short-term romance: you’ve been romanced by the slick promises of the new employer – the remuneration, the company name, the role, the title, but later find out it’s not all it was wrapped up to be
  • Values misalignment: you find your values and desired ways of working are out of kilter with your new leader and/or the new organisation
  • Purpose disappointment: the shift to meet your desire for greater career purpose, meaning and alignment is not delivering what you expected
  • Absence of spark: you can’t really remember why you left your old employer or why you took your new job

Failure to properly plan a move and jumping into a new role without considering the long-term consequences can do serious damage to career trajectory. So, what can you do to ensure the success of your next move?

  • Know what motivates and drives you
  • Understand your value
  • Articulate what it is that you want
  • Know your strengths and play to them
  • Consider if the new role is a career move or just a job
  • Career plan for the long term

Over the last decade we have supported thousands of executives and senior leaders and professionals through career and leadership coaching and career transition. We support them in making good decisions around career advancement and career moves, ultimately with career success in mind.

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[1] McKinsey, The Great Attrition is making hiring harder. Are you searching in the right talent pools? Aaron De Smet, Bonnie Dowling, Bryan Hancock and Bill Schaninger, July 2022

In a seller’s market it’s the candidate that’s in the driving seat.