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Moonshots Academy

In mid-July, our team member, Taniea Sym, took part in Moonshots Academy. Launched out of Stanford University’s foresight innovation program, Moonshots aims to empower young people to imagine, build and deliver a better good tomorrow.

The program entailed two intensive weeks of learning the frameworks used in Silicon Valley and at Stanford University to promote world-changing ideas.

William Cockayne Ph.D., Director of Silicon Valley Innovation Academy, dialled in each morning to teach the cohort innovation tools. The individual groups then applied these tools to their selected world-changing ideas.

Taniea’s group focused on solving education accessibility by integrating the use of psychology with technology.

Following the program, Taniea’s group went on to secure a fully-funded scholarship to further develop the ‘Moonshots idea’ into a tangible business concept at the Curtin Ignition Program in 2021.

Now a part of the global Moonshots alumni network, Taniea looks forward to attacking new innovative challenges.

To learn more about Moonshots and get involved in world-changing challenges click here.

World-changing ideas:
Solving education accessibility by integrating the use of psychology with technology