Entry to the C-Suite®

There are many initiatives that organisations are doing to focus on the retention and advancement of women.

In 2017, we formed a partnership with CEOs for Gender Equity (CGE) to help achieve these objectives through the Entry to the C- Suite® Program.

Entry to the C-Suite® focuses on developing the capability of senior people through sponsoring a female at a pivotal time in their career, whilst also working with the female to ensure they are ready for a senior role in their organisation. At a time when many organisations are focusing on the retention and advancement of women, it is critical to take a holistic view of how to shift gender equity at the C-Suite level by:

  • Focusing on senior leadership readiness for women to enter the C-Suite
  • Working with women to ensure they are prepared and ready to enter the C-Suite

Entry to the C-Suite® achieves this by:

  • Developing the capability of senior people through sponsoring a female at a pivotal time in their career, with a specific focus on C-Suite readiness
  • Building internal capability to implement and champion gender equity
  • Engaging organisations at an individual and on a broader level to realise gender equity outcomes

What CEOs are saying

Your sponsorship element is critical, no one else is doing what you are doing

The coaching embedded in your program gives it an edge

I like the fact that there is a sponsor – a step up from mentoring

Small cohorts are valuable

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What are the benefits for the participant?

  • Gain high self awareness of capabilities, strength and experience and the confidence to use this effectively in advancing their career
  • Develop awareness of options and possibilities for growth and career progression
  • Build career resilience and effective professional presence
  • Create a personalised career vision and map for the future
  • Develop readiness for the executive table
  • The opportunity and satisfaction of supporting 
others who come after them

What is the role of the sponsor?

  • Commitment and personal interest in the 
participant’s success
  • Advocate for the individual and promote inside the organisation and beyond
  • A requirement to participate in a collective sponsor briefing and bi-monthly sessions
  • Positioned within the organisation to ‘pull’ people through

What role does the CEO need to play?

  • Committed leader to the vision of supporting the development and promotion of women in their organisation
  • Demonstrates the organisation’s preparedness to invest in the future of the participant
  • Prepared to advocate & share learnings

How long is the program?

  • 6 months followed by consolidation reviews at 9 months (3 months post program) and 12 months (6 months post program)

How many organisations are there in a program?

  • 6 organisations plus 1 not-for-profit (who participate at no cost)

How many participants are there in a program?

  • 7 female participants



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Entry to the C-Suite focuses on developing the capability of senior people through sponsoring a female at a pivotal time in their career

Entry to the C-Suite