Tower Careers is online!

We launched our Tower Careers online portal in January to support program delivery to our candidates. The portal enables candidates’ availability to a wealth of content at a time that suits them.

Embracing a flexible learning approach through online content brings 3 key advantages for our candidates:

1. Self-paced learning 

As many of us know, we now spend a good part of our day on a screen or device. This means that our candidates can tap in and out of the program when it suits them. The portal has an easy to use format which sees the content broken into parts – the Manual, Guides and Resources. Depending on what Tower Careers program the candidate is on will determine what content they see. This means information is kept relevant and timely.

2. Prioritise their learning

Our online Manual and Guides consist of almost 250 pages of specialised content – that’s a lot of information! We don’t expect everyone to read all of it; having all this information at the touch of their fingertips (with an extra 500 pages of added Resources!) means they can be selective and work through the content when they need it the most. Upon commencement of a Tower Careers program, candidates spend time with their Consultant working out what components are most important to them. For some people, they want to spend more time in the career and personal reflection phase, whereas others want to jump straight into their resume and LinkedIn profile. It also means they can get a refresher on interviewing techniques the night before the interview!

3. Targeted time with their Consultant 

While the content may have gone online, we haven’t reduced our 1:1 time with the candidate and their Consultant, which we see as the most valuable part of the program. By having full access to the content remotely, it allows for more time in the meetings to focus on the unique concerns and priorities of the candidate.

Since launching the online portal in January to our new Tower Careers clients and candidates we have received positive feedback from everyone who has accessed the portal.

Highlights of a Tower Careers Program:

  • 1:1 approach with a dedicated consultant
  • Opportunities to learn and network collaboratively with in-house workshops, including LinkedIn help sessions to get their online presence right
  • Portal access for duration of program: Career & Personal Insights, Resume & LinkedIn, Interviewing Skills, Career Resilience and much more…
  • A Birkman Method® behavioural assessment: individual report of the candidate’s interests, usual behaviour, needs & stress behaviours
  • Access to office facilities to help candidates with the transition