Tool snapshot – PRINT®

PRINT® is the most recent tool to join our suite of assessment offerings at Tower.

Currently, we have 8 different assessment tools that we regularly use. This is something we take pride in, as it provides us flexibility in our approach, and the ability to match our assessment tools with the unique needs of each client and assignment.

We don’t like to play favourites, but there’s a lot to love about PRINT, including:

  • Unlike many conventional assessments which are personality based, PRINT is a motivational model. PRINT uncovers the unconscious motivations that drive an individual’s behaviour and actions. The “why” behind an individual’s behaviour is explained – why people act as they do, why they make certain choices, why they are attracted to certain things and why they function better in certain situations than others.
  • PRINT compliments other behavioural and psychometric assessments. Understanding “why” and “what” go hand in hand. Whilst other assessments measure important behaviour patterns such as talents, attributes, working styles and interests – the “what” – PRINT explains the environments and relationships that will enable these behaviours to be seen and allow individuals to be in ‘Best Self’.
    Certain environments will prevent a person’s unconscious motivators being satisfied, and a possessed strength may not materialise. Therefore, to be able to predict or improve performance, fortify relationships or facilitate positive change, we need to know precisely when the strength will be exhibited and when it will be eclipsed by something less desirable.
  • PRINT not only provides insight into one’s self, but also into others. Because understanding ourselves can only get us so far. Real difference can be made when we understand those around us. Team PRINT Wheels provide a basis for analysis and discussion of a team’s collective strengths and possible blind spots, as determined by the distribution of PRINT patterns. With PRINT, each person is accountable for managing their own behaviour, while also responsible for how their behaviour impacts others.

Using PRINT in your organisation:

PRINT makes a significant impact to any organisation, and can be used to achieve a multitude of organisational goals, including:

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