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The importance of purpose and fostering individuality in employees’ work effectiveness

Creating a long-lasting change after COVID-19

Many of us have adapted to the immediate effects of COVID-19 and been subject to new working arrangements. For some this has cultivated greater productivity and for others, a reduced sense of purpose. In order to create a positive impact that will last long after the impacts of COVID-19, we must address employees’ individual needs and link their work with an overall sense of purpose.

A recent McKinsey article, ‘COVID-19 and the employee experience: How leaders can seize the moment’ reveals the research behind employee experience associated with the change to a more flexible, remote working environment. The article highlights the importance of fostering individuality and providing a sense of purpose, to improve wellbeing and work effectiveness. The statistics supporting these differences in ratings are shown in the diagram below:

It’s important for companies to first identify these differences and then promote an environment where employees can collaborate and navigate their way through these changes.

Additional to these findings, McKinsey found that one of the greatest areas for improvement for companies is to establish a sense of purpose for their employee’s work. Employees who felt they were living their life purpose at work reported a 4 times greater level of engagement and a 5 times higher level of wellbeing than those who did not feel a sense of purpose.

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“Link your organisation’s ‘why’ to your employee communications.
As you make changes in how the business operates through the crisis, consistently link the changes back to your purpose.”