A candidate’s experience of Transition

Wondering what impact a Transition program can have on someone? We asked one of our Executive Career Transition candidates to tell us about their program – what was of most benefit and what message they would give an employer about the service.

Hear straight from our candidate –

What aspects of the program have been most beneficial to you?

Going through the Birkman Profiling Tool [our Career Management diagnostic] was very beneficial, given the insights gained and the extent of the evaluation parameters. Through this process I was able to clearly see where the alignment of my strengths and interests were with industry sectors and roles.

The other dimensions of the tool enabled me to identify a range of key issues, from behaviour under stress to support structures that I require in my next role.

The role of the coach / mentor at Tower was important when it came to evaluating my career options, as together we reviewed the strategies I had developed and worked on my networking plan.   Also, the workshops focused on specific career areas and gave me additional suggestions.

The other area was the ability to access databases for researching industries / companies and contacts, which would otherwise be too expensive for an individual subscription.  This has been particularly beneficial in looking at long term career options, including further work, running or starting an independent business or other potential avenues that align with my interests and strengths.

What support would you have missed the most should you not have received the program?

I would have missed the insights gained through the psychological / work evaluation (looking at Strengths, Interests, Needs and preferred work environment), along with the feedback and guidance from the Tower coach assigned to me; and the ability to contact them and discuss issues that I was facing.

It was very useful to have the office in the city, with support staff, as a base to work from and to meet with City network contacts.  Also, I was able to gain immediate assistance if I had a question, even if my assigned coach was not there at the time.

If you had to give a key message to an employer regarding the services you have received what would you say?

I think the use of these services provides departing senior staff members, who have given good value to the employer, with a clear supported career management pathway forward.  Also it enhances the company’s brand as an employer that looks after its key staff during a change process.

Anything else you would like to add?

The availability of other specialist external consultants is also a welcome value add to the program.  Working with the Tower staff has been enjoyable and I have been provided with good support and facilitation from all the team.

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“These services…enhance the company’s brand as an employer that looks after its key staff during the change process.”